Much of an upgrade from ER6is and PX 100s?
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Stoned Hippy

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Nov 19, 2008
I currently own a pair of ER6is and a pair of PX 100s which I mainly use with my MP3 player but also with my computer and Hifi.

Recently my ER6is have been giving me some ear trouble and because the PX 100s are open backed I don't like using them in public and in the library.

I'm looking for closed back headphones that can be driven by a MP3 player.

My question is, how much of an improvement in sound would a pair or MDR V6s be? Would they be much better or worse in general than the ER6is? I might possibly be able to stretch to a pair of HD 25-1-IIs if i thought there was going to be a major improvement in sound quality but they're right at the very edge of my budget. Is there something in between the Sonys and Sennheisers which offers a better price - performance balance?

Any advice would be appreciated

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