Ms2i's + X-can v8 = Bass is best defined by what it doesn't do
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Jan 2, 2006
It's been a long, strange trip- Status peaks have been the GS1000's and Denon 5K's. Also, K701's. RS1's of all varieties. In fact Grados and Alessandros of all flavors and machinations. DT880's impressed as well.

I have owned each of these phones separately, so I have memory over A/B comparisons.

Many say that A/B comparisons are ineffective anyway. We don't use rods and cones to listen to music. We use our entire brain and, for many of us, our entire hearts as well.

With that in mind, I do not remember enjoying music vie headphones more than I have since Monday, when I received my Ms2i's; second pair I've owned.

I connected them to my 200-hr plus X-Can v8. I have been on a Grateful Dead kick, but have added some great new tunes and jazz to the mix.

I have also listened to some great live Charles Mingus (who should only be heard live), the historical conquests of Josh Ritter, Air France, Miles at the Plugged Nickel, Deer Tick (the kid has soul), Talking Heads, my daily ration of the Smiths.

Lots of real jazz, lots of rock.

This is the first time I've understood in my heart WHY bass is more important for what it does NOT do. The string bass (elec and stand up) and bass drum on this combo is complete. It reproduces the bass one hears in a live performance. Long bass notes with a beginning and middle and end. And natural.

What that does to the rest of the music is as important. The mids and highs are left alone to be enjoyed naturally. There is an incredible amount of separation and distinction to each voice and instrument.

We all worry about shrill highs. Here, cymbals sound like cymbals. High sax and lead guitar do as well.

The great detail of these phones also gives you the last piece that is essential to experiencing the music: the "decay", the sounds of fingers plucking and snapping keys in between notes. The breath before a vocal. This not only means you can hear these things, it means you are getting more pixels for a more complete and comfortable picture.

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