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MQA-capable DAC?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by thyname, Feb 24, 2017.
  1. thyname
    I only know of Mytek Brooklyn (about $2,000) that is MQA capable. And some expensive Meridian DACs.
    Does anybody know of anything cheaper that is MQA-capable? Hopefully Roon Tested or Ready. And, hopefully includes Amp.
  2. audiobill
    For a product that's currently available and I believe meets all of your stated needs including DAC with full MQA decoding, Roon ready, with amplification built in I'd suggest you look at the Bluesound PowerNode 2. It also supports wireless streaming including Tidal support for $799.
  3. jcn3

    Meridian dacs aren't necessarily expensive. The mqa-capable Explorer 2 is $200.
  4. thyname

    I have a Node 2 for my home Audio system. It is great! Don't have the powernode, but the Node 2 sucks for headphones playback
  5. thyname

    Not enough power to drive my HD 800.
  6. jcn3
    You only said dac, not headphone amp. And you certainly didn't mention the hd800s . . .
    For the hd800s, you're not gonna find anything cheaper than the Brooklyn.
  7. thyname

    You are right. My apologies for not mentioning headphones. I thought it was implied being a headphones message board.

    Meridian Prime is one of them, but seems like outdated.
  8. audiobill
    I only suggested the PowerNode 2 since the OP specified a product with amp included, but I have no direct experience with Bluesound products driving headphones if that's the intent. The amp in the PowerNode 2 can drive many speakers directly with its rated 60 watts per channel into 8 ohms. Sorry if I misinterpreted your needs.
  9. thyname
    OK, my apologies everyone.

    I was asking for a good, relatively inexpensive, headphones DAC that is MQA capable. If it has a built amp, and Roon tested, would be great.
  10. watchdog507
    I have a Brooklyn DAC that I'm using as a source for a Violectric V281 and HEX for headphones.  TIDAL is my primary source of music and I've played native MQA. I'm very pleased with the performance of the Brooklyn DAC. MQA sound has substantial detail and impact compared to the lossy formats that I have tried.  MQA is licenced to: Pioneer Corporation, Onkyo, Meridian Audio, 7digital so far.  (quote from WIKI)  My guess is that the licencing has a fairly high cost associated with or we would see more companies using it.  I'm sure that as the market increases, more companies will jump on board.
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  11. thyname
    Update (OP): ordered Meridian Explorer2
  12. K1030
    How is the Meridian Explorer 2 treating you?
  13. thyname
    Sold it a few weeks back.
  14. Aerosphere
    Audioquest Dragonfly Red got the MQA update recently.. I think it is the cheapest MQA capable dac along with AQ Black.
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  15. turkayguner
    There is also Mytek's Clef, which is bluetooth capable portable MQA DA converter. Anyone has any experience with it?

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