mp4nation shipping
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They always arrive. Sometimes can take 3 weeks, but for free postage I can wait 3 weeks.
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I am very pleased with mp4nation shipping. My last ordered was sent from mp4nation around christmas. HK post service sent them on 1st of January and received them this morning.
Every of the three iems i ordered arrived in less than 20 days from the day i ordered them even if it was Friday night.
Its free, so i dont expect FEDEX speeds but i know that it will arrive in 2-3 weeks.
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Ordered on 16 dec 2010, recieved tracking number on 21st dec 2010. Till now, tracking number still not updated and i haven't recieve my parcel as well. Send email to HK post but got no reply, already open 2 support tickets already. zzz
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Just my 2 cents, I was very tempted to order from mp4nation but I refused to. Why? Because of all the shipping delays, I don't know if it's them or HK mail but I can say one thing from experience. I've ordered mutiple items from HK outside of mp4nation and each time I've used EMS, devlivery to the US was never more than 1 week - 1 1/2 weeks. Be  it big packages or small packages. If you're not using EMS i can understand that it takes quite a while for delivery but with EMS it should not take that long. Again this is my experiences with EMS and i buy regularly from HK.
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My set of Brainwavz ProAlpha got shipped very fast I must say. Ordered them on 17-DEC-2010, they left Hong Kong on 23-DEC-2010 and I recieved them on 28/29-DEC-2010.
So it seems highly depending on the product, if it's in stock or not, and Hong Kong Post.
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Now I'm really glad that I decided to order M6's from amazon instead of getting some brainwavs. I didn't know there shipping was so terrible.

You should keep in mind that here most people post to tell their problem. If anyone who ordered anything from mp4nation posted here. You would see more than 95% positive replies. Me forexample ordered three times, headphones from mp4nation and every order came within 2 weeks.
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lol my order was shipped by mp4nation on the 17th of december.. i just got an update on my tracking yesterday.. its leaving hong kong tomorrow.. LOL.. better late than never.. so just be patient if your # hasnt updated
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I ordered M2 on 12/27/2010. Shipped on 29th Dec. Came here on 10th Jan. I was prepared myself 15-20 days. It came earlier then my expectation.

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It's mostly a hit or miss.
I did a preorder but decided to cancel it before it shipped and the refund process sure takes its time. It's 7 business days and counting and still nothing in my paypal.
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Hey ppl i need your advice on dealing with these schmucks!
I placed an Order for S:Flo2 from Mp4nation on 30/12/2010 payed through paypal. Since i was in a hurry i thought of using the EMS Option as it said 3-5 days delivery time, which to me looked fine since i am in Asia itself(Indian Subcontinent). Now today is 16th and i still havent got a TRacking Number. They havent shipped out the product as of now. I dont understand how much time does it take them to mail a single package, its not the most difficult task in the world incase you have the products in stock!
Now i dont want to dig myself a Deeper hole than what it is already so how do i go about Cancelling the order etc. Can someone guide on how to do that ? Should i file for a Paypal Dispute?

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