MP3 sound quality portapro, cx300, IFI and sr80
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Jul 17, 2008
hi everybody,

i've been lurking here for sometime now and have finally joined up. i recently got a grado sr80 after many a late night perusing the forums here at headfi. its been a wealth of information.. mostly good, at times frustrating as many things tend to be very subjective. anyway, heres my question...

before the grado sr80, i listen to audio mainly on my htpc, mp3s, some flac via a M-audio 5.1 soundcard over a klipsch ifi sub/sat system. also occaionally plug in porta pros or a sennheiser cx300 for headphone listening. i use foobar2k via asio and to get what i consider to be nice balanced sound (i have nothing else in my possesion as a reference except the occasional listen to other peoples system) involves equilization. i know having to eq is frowned upon.. i agree in princiiple and i try to keep it to a minimum but do require a treble boost and also to reduce the midbass (on the IFIs its somewhat of a placement thing but on the headphones is to level it out so the bass is not muddy and the treble is get rid of that veiled effect).. so it was like this for some while, unitl i received the grado sr80. everything i had sounded so shril until i realised that the EQ was on, i shut it off and everything sounded so good. the cymblas were clear and sharp.. basically my experience was like a lot of others who moved up to headphones like the grados. i was really surprised at how good and detailed (thats the key, you could hear so much detail) everything was.

that started me wondering how come the portapros which also have a good reputation and the cx300 sennheisers required equllization to sound good. the sr80 has more treble detail and a tighter bass. i tried to imitate it using the EQ and got the Klipsch to sound much much better. but the EQ is boosted considerably to achive the clarity of the treble. the same applied to the portapros and the cx300.

(frankly, i do think the grados are a bit bright.. the klipsch with the EQ set right has much better control but less detail but thats a different thing alltogether).

do the grado headphones boost treble to sound the way it does. my point is, compared to the 3 i mentioned that kinda produce similar sound from the same source, the grados sound is so different. there must be a reason for this.

i do apologise for the long post, any insight would be much appreciated.


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