MP3 Player for vehicle
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Feb 10, 2008
I am looking for a small portable MP3 player for my Toyota 2021 that will connect with the usb port. I have tried the flash cards and the thumb drives but it takes 10 minutes to load a 256gb drive and it just does not work very well. I will leave it hooked up at all times.

The Sony 55 is on my list but it does not have usb-c which all my other cable are. Is there a player out there that takes a 256 card and has usb-c that is in the $300 range. Is the Sony nw-a55 the best in that price range. Do Ipods work better and load faster? I am using all factory speakers with my ripped cd to wav files that I converted to 320 mp3, so sound quality does not need to be at the A&K level.

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