Most common source

  1. Ekul61
    ive always used my fiio x5 dap as my my digital source and dac. Through a Asgard amp.

    When people move up to the higher end equipment. ((Say systems above $2000)
    What do most use as their main digital source?
  2. buke9
    Well can’t speak for all but I do love my Yggdrasil.
  3. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    A digital transport and DAC. Unless they want to keep using a computer, so it'll be that and a DAC.
  4. Ekul61
    So most hi end users ( $2000 and up systems) use a computer fo play their digital flac files
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  5. cossix
    I can't speak for most people, but computers are popular for that use
  6. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    For headphone systems, yes. For a number of reasons. People using headphone systems tend to live in smaller flats with shared walls than suburban detached homes. Less space, more need to not piss off the neighbours. So to begin with the computer is where they work or play, or both if they work with media and have an editing workstation PC instead of an overpriced, slow, loud trashcan with parts that can't be replaced.

    Some use music servers but to many those are redundant. In my case my gaming PC is kind of loud and so was my older laptop, and now my new laptop is fanless but it has only a 256gb SSD. So I'm using an Android with a 64gB microSD with FLAC on it.
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  7. SeaWo|f
    I'd guess

    1: computer

    2: vinyl

    3: CDs (dedicated transport)

    4: network players / transports
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