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Most affordable Amp or Amp+Dac combo for HiFiman HE400i

  1. illram
    Yes the E10K or the Fulla (1 or 2) are enough to get it plenty loud. It's just a math question. 
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  2. 0pethian

    saw this recommendation from @Mr Head P Hones on another thread, just want to get 2nd opinion, as Fiio E12 Mont Blanc is currently at $104 on amazon n might be even cheaper on ebay, is it good enough for HE 400i and DT990 pro 250?
    As much as i would love to own Fulla-2 but i cant buy from their site directly only amazon will work for me n its not available on amazon ... so will this also serve the purpose? kinda fit well inside my budget
    and is this amp+dac good for something?
    Micca OriGen+ High Resolution USB DAC and Preamplifier - 24-Bit/192kHz PCM and 64x DSD
  3. buke9
    I had the E-12 Mont Blanc before and did not have any high impedance headphones but did have the HE-400's and Mr Speakers Alpha Dogs but fairly hard to drive and the E-12 would push them to ear bleed levels plus the bass boost was a nice feature when you wanted to have a little fun.
    You might look at the A-5 as it is the new version of the E-12 with a lower noise floor like the E-12a but with the power of the E-12.
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  4. 0pethian
    but wait i would still need a dac with E12/A5 isnt it? its just an amp ... 
  5. buke9
    Not if your going out of the MacBook .
  6. Wyllio
    Take a look at the Micca OriGen+ if you are only able to order from amazon. It's $110.
  7. 0pethian
    I have been looking at this (Micca Origen+) for months now but this review ...
    I don't know how it will function with HE400i ... But it looks amazing has tons of power n all, but I don't know how good is it's DAC ...

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  8. Wyllio
    Just because one person didn't like it does not mean you should automatically throw it out. Try it out yourself and if you happen to not like it, Amazon's return policy is always very lenient.
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  9. 0pethian
    which is better among all these
    1. Fiio K5 ($110) + SMSL Sanskrit 6th ($105)
    2. Schiit Magni 2 + Modi 2 (not the Uber versions) for $200
    or save enough for next few months and get one decent DAC Amp
    3. Aune X1S ($289) may be after 2-3 months savings
  10. Music Alchemist
    I can vouch for the HE400i sounding great on the Fulla.
  11. 0pethian
    sound is so subjective, some people r happy running it with fulla/fulla-2 and some using Aune X1S r also looking for upgrades saying it is not powerful enough for them :frowning2:
    what a mystery is this ... and i live in a country where nothing is available or not even Amazon ships directly :frowning2:
    Only unreliable source is Aliexpress or wait for a relative to bring something from abroad :) no im not in North Korea lol ... 

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