more headphone repair help please
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Mar 19, 2005
It's me again, the guy who's never had to work on headphones before. Denon ah-d950s (long discontinued).

A couple of weeks ago a part of the headband assembly snapped. They, Denon, call it a rail or slider. They don’t sell the slider but the whole top headband (including L&R sliders) for $45. I would have to include $10-15 shipping. Then I’d have to figure out rewiring & pad removal!!
at the bottom

So thought this was a job for glue. Don’t know the composition of the ‘plastic' slider. Had that “white” colour at the cracks & crevasses of the break. Just like you’d expect in age or stress.

When I’d reassembled and went to put the headphones on my head, maximum stress, the slider broke in the same place. Like the glue hadn’t bonded the pieces together. I guess glue can’t handle stress from that direction. Death of an optomist.

So I visualize metal splints on both sides, with small screws bolted though. The slider doesn’t have to go all of the way into the headband (big head) so there's some room vertically.

So it would be
Make & fit metal splints – (smaller than postage size, about .02" thick). The only thing I can think of is a CNC machine!!
Resurface slider ends - easy
Reglue Slider - yep
Preassemble & drill holes in rails & splints. Can't figure out to do this. Do splints in pairs, I guess, but how to hold together to produce two at a time? And what about the tiny holes aligning in the plastic. I guess I do it by hand - scribe & drill.
Attach splints with bolts......
Any other suggestions or ways to approach?

Tried the general open phones group & my local RC club figuring they work at the mechano scale, but no takers.


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