Montreal Hello?

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  1. JamesCanada
    I'm new to the community, I was wondering if people were around my region to discuss and exchange with other enthusiasts.

  2. xblackdemonx
    I'm in Montreal. I'm super noob and I don't own anything(yet) but i'm trying to learn.
  3. 1TrickPony
    Montreal here. Anyone into iems?
  4. JamesCanada
    I only have 1 pair, but have a few headphones.
    I'm on the north shore.
    Anyone else?
  5. xblackdemonx
    Montreal-North here. Just ordered my first premium IEM: Brainwavz B400
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  6. 1TrickPony
    Nice. I think you made a good choice. (I've never heard them though I've read nothing but good reviews/ feedback from peeps here).

    Let me know how that goes. I've got an Lz-A4 with me. I have a Zen 2.0 ear bud that I carry around though it hasn't gotten much ear time.

    I also have an AK Junior. Keep in touch.
  7. JamesCanada
    The IEM I own are old school shure e2
    I also have a few headphones: OPPO PM-3, Sennheiser HD6xx (Massdrop) and a set of Sennheiser HD598 SE's
    You guy's run amps with your IEM's?
    I tried out my OPPO HA-2SE with my shure and it really oppened them up! they have practically no bass so switching the bass boost on the Amp is a great compromise.
    Nice to meet you!
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