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Monster Cable doesn't sell replacement cables? WTF!??!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by lubczyk, Oct 27, 2012.
  1. lubczyk
    What's the meaning behind this? I looked at the entire Monster, Sony, Philips and Beats websites and I can't find anything about replacement cables for any of their headphones. So, if for instance I buy the Monster Diamond Tears headphone and the Android cable breaks or gets bent out of shape, then I'm screwed?
    The Cable Company doesn't make replacement cables. Unbelievable!!!
    You know, this is the kind of nonsense that makes me think about just dropping high-end audio and just sticking to $20 disposable earbuds. This industry doesn't even have the simple stuff down. Video sorted out this nonsense out years ago.
  2. dolor
    I bet if you look hard enough you should find some aftermarket cables that probably comes from the same factory.
  3. lubczyk
    I don't own any Monster or Beats products (Yet), but I just assumed that something like replacement cables would be standard for headphones with (drumroll) replaceable cables!
  4. Fuzziekiwi
    I think you could find some on Ebay.

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