Modding the RME PAD
Feb 18, 2004 at 8:10 AM Post #91 of 243
Did anyone actually bother to test the PAD card prior to and after modding?
It would be insteresting if anyone actually got any improvement or negative effect of this experiment.

RMAA or SpectraLAB
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Feb 19, 2004 at 2:51 PM Post #95 of 243
your ADC is much better than that on Revo
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Why did you get another?
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I wonder how many posts you have in this thread

Well good luck! Don't burn yourself.
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Well we are up and running, the AD797's and AD8610's sound great, the LM7171's get extremely hot after a short time and start distorting.

As far as RMAA goes, there is very little difference between the stock, 797, and 8610, which leads me to believe that the ADC on this card is not up to the level of the DAC.

Funny thing Ed, this set of AD797's did not lower the volume like the last set I had. Perhaps it is a question of matching them up? Who knows.

The socket works great, just snap one set of opamps out, the next in, in under 10 seconds or so.

I haven't recieved the blackgates yet, but listening to the 797's right now, I think that lack of dynamics we were hearing was definitely being caused by the blackgates not being burned in enough yet.
Feb 21, 2004 at 12:22 AM Post #105 of 243
You know, I do remember your old stock RME having less volume output than mine. I assumed you have your RME's volume lowered for some reason, but you didn't. Maybe output volume varies from batch to batch? Or it was just a freak instance with that one card? It didn't affect the sound quality, just a bit less volume output. Weird.

Hmmm. Perhaps some tiny ramsinks epoxied to the LM7171's will help. I have some Artic Silver Epoxy.
Maybe the ones designed for mosfets, voltage regulators. Or ones for BGA ram on video cards.


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