Mobile audio receiver as source unit.
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Nov 26, 2004
There was a deck I had at one point, a Clarion HX-D10. Dual 24 bit dac, it was really an awesome unit. They made them for a short while. No internal amp. It was *clean.*... but it was stolen.

Recently, I've had a chance to purchase another one. I really have no use for it, as I have a unit in my truck. But I loved the HX-d10 so much, I want another... But I need an excuse. I also have the external sound proccessor for it.

I was thinking that I could use the RCA outs on the head unit to connect to a headphone amp (Total Airhead 3aaa version.) and use it as my CD player.

I'm not too concerned with actually making the head unit function. My concern is that I may damage an amplifier I connect to it.

Has anyone done such a thing? The line output on the head unit is 4v. IT also has optical, I believe, but my headphone amp does not. I'm using Senn HD 580 phones.

I don't like using my computer as an audio source. It adds a strange raspiness just on the edge of hearing that drives me insane.

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