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Mic for Open Cans?

  1. devilmonk
    I've been looking into buying new closed cans now, but apparently the signature I'm looking for only comes from open cans. Only things I found that can compete is a Mad Dog or Shure SRH1540. Mad Dog needing a powerful amp and dac, both are ~600.
    My budget is ~300, I can increase the price to ~400 but would prefer not to (unless the upgrade really is worth it).
    So how does a mic work with open cans? Is it a possible concept? I currently have the V-Moda's cable mic that I can attach to any headphones with a detachable cable. 
  2. DarthFader
    Let's break things down a little bit. What are you using the headphones for? And what are you using the microphone for? 
  3. canthearyou
    Antlion ModMic or BoomPro. Boompro cannot be used on headphones without detachable cable or xlr type connections.
  4. devilmonk
    Headphones used for gaming, movies, music, and voice chat. 
    Mic for voice chat with a friend(s) on mumble.
    I already have the BoomPro, so do you think I'm good for open cans?
  5. canthearyou

  6. Marso
    i have a zalman zm1 and fidelio x2, even on max volume with my onboardsound there´s no problem.

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