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Meze 99 Classics VS 1More Triple Driver Over Ear

  1. servion222
    Hello all! I'm a relative newbie seeking to get into high-end listening by starting my headphone collection with something in the <$400 range. I've done a lot of research, and tried to listen to everything I can get my hands on in local shops, but I think I'm going to be in a situation where I'm going to need to pull the trigger on a set of headphones that I can't listen to in person. My top contenders are the Meze 99 Classics and 1More Triple Drive Over Ear

    Here's my asking data:
    Price - prefer $400 or less
    Music - Mostly reggae and jazz, but have a wide collection and would like it to be a good "generalist" headphone with natural reproduction
    Sources - Laptop, android phone (tidal), portable music player in the future
    DAC/AMP - none to start, but will research and add a DAC later
    Must be on or over ear, must be closed back (will use in the office and with sleeping kids)

    I've been reading online for many hours and have stopped by all the high-end audio places which carry such things I can find, but after all my reading these 2 are my top choices. I found Inner Fidelity and realized that both of these cans are on his wall of fame (awesome site). I was 5 seconds away from ordering the Meze 99 classics when I realized that the gentlemen from Inner Fidelity lowered his impressions substantially based on the larger ear pads. His blog on that topic was that he was considering removing them from the wall of fame, and that was 1 year ago and they're still up, but this caused me to take pause and consider other options (which was when I encountered the 1Mores).

    Can anyone help point me in the right direction?

  2. Argoth
    Hello there, I'm also looking for a comparison for the 1More Triple Driver Over-Ear and the Meze 99 Classics. Can't seem to find a comparison anywhere. Have you bought either one? If so, care to share your experiences?
  3. surfgeorge
    Apologies for not asnwering your question, but the Audioquest NightHawk and NightOwl might be an interesting alternative. They are on sale since AQ is retreating from HP market.
    They were 600 and 700 USD and can now be found for 50% or less.
    They are considered a bit special (warm, very low distortion) but somewhat similar to the Meze 99 Classics, but on a higher level.

    To be considered:
    They are a less portable than the Meze.
    NightHawk (NH) is semi-open, NightOwl (NO) is semi-closed, will still leak more than Meze.
    The NH is very relaxed and smooth, slightly loose bass, but sounds like a room with some great speakers, and very realistic.
    The NO has a slightly smaller stage and is more neutral, with drier bass, more punch, more foreward mids, a bit more headphone feeling, but still very realistic and 3D, especially for being closed.
    Both need a lot of time to break in! (150h)
  4. FullBlownEargasam
    Hopefully I can help here. I have owned both but we will get to that later. First, are we talking Bob Marley reggae or Soja type reggae? I think my answer would very much depend on that answer. Both have very good isolation. The best example is if you watch the Z Review on youtube for the 1more the isolation example is quite impressive but the meze's are somewhat similar. I don't think either would wake up a sleeping baby. I own a variety of headphones and was looking for something different. These are both in my opinion "different" then the common cans that people talk about. When it comes down to it I would say that the Meze is more laid back in sound if you are looking to relax. Both have a similar signature with good bass and clear sound all around but the Mezes are more "chill". I find the 1more pretty intense but not at all in a bad way. The imaging is so precise that it took a little getting used to. Your eyes will dart around for a while when hearing new instruments enter the song. Once you get over that they are very enjoyable.

    Now back to my story..... looking for something different. I ordered the Meze and my initial reactions were that they were great but they didn't impress me. They didn't do anything wrong but there was some excitement missing. I returned them and purchased the 1more (which btw I think they are on sale for the next few days on their site for an insane price). Unfortunately I bought them at full price months ago. I also listen to mostly jazz and reggae (Soja, Tribal Seeds, Rebelution, etc) but also EDM and Classical. I am so happy that I made the decision to return the Meze and get the 1more. It was hard decision because I didn't have them at the same time. When I was evaluating the Meze there was nothing wrong with them. They weren't missing anything and they didn't do anything wrong but I just didn't get that funny feeling when I put them on. I talked to my wife and she made a good point that something (regardless of what hobby) should give you a good feeling. I love my 1more's. They tick all the boxes for me for what they are and I get that feeling when I put them on.

    For the sound difference other than the intensity.... The bass is tighter and more controlled and dips lower. The highs are much crisper (they definitely require breaking in) I was a little upset with the highs when I first got them as I am a little (not alot) treble sensitive. After break in we were good to go. Love them.

    Don't get me wrong you will not be upset with either purchase. They are both great sets of cans but I just wanted to give you my experience since I went through the same decision as you. Hope it was helpful.
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  5. surfgeorge
    Very interesting, thanks for sharing!
    I have the 1More Triple IEMs, but somehow your description of the OEs seems to describe a similar characteristic, except that the IEMs have no soundstage at all.
    Powerfull bass, everything more "intense" and treble that can be a little sharp at times.

    Your comment about soundstage was interesting "Your eyes will dart around for a while when hearing new instruments..."
    My AudioQuest NightHawks and NightOwls have a very good and deep sound stage and I would instinctively turn around when I hear audience in the room off to the side or behind me because it's so real.

    Is that what you are describing?
  6. Mhog55
    How much brighter are the 1 mores compared to the Classics after break in? I got the Neos because the Classics are a bit expensive for me at this point. I can't do harsh, strident or sibilance. I'd like to get the 1 mores, but having a tweeter pointed down my ear canal worries me a bit. If you want another option that images as well, and may be less fatiguing (I don't know how bright the 1 mores are), have a look at the B&O H6 2nd generation. They sound really good imo
  7. Argoth
    It does seem that the 1More Triple Driver Over Ears are on sale right now on the 1More official website for 179$. I'm thinking of getting them rather than the Meze 99 Classics.

    I own a pair of Sony MDR-1As and I quite enjoy them. They have a good soundstage, powerful mid-range and slamming bass. But one thing I feel where it performs below average is its treble range. It's quite laid back, soft but warm but I feel it isn't enough. I need something with a more exciting treble range so I'm thinking of getting the 1More Triple Driver Over Ears since they are on sale right now but I heard that they are more of an On-ear as opposed to an Over-ear. This worries me because I wear glasses and I'm afraid it will cause discomfort and some sound loss. The Meze on the other hand are a full sized Over-ear headphone and will not cause as much discomfort.

    Also, how good is the isolation and sound leakage on both? I will be wearing them in the library so I'd prefer the one that performs better in these two aspects.(I'm not too worried about price)

    Could anyone give some insights on this?

    Much thanks, Argoth
  8. Mhog55
    Well I had a chance to audition the 1 more triple driver today. Huppins just got these in. Wife wants me to pick a new set of cans for father's day. I'm torn between these and the B&O H6 2nd generation. I went back and forth between the two for like an hour and a half. The H6 definitely has a unique character I haven't experienced in any other can. I feel I have cans that sound similar to the 1 more. The 1 more definitely isn't to bright imo. Both were engaging, but the H6 just sucks you in for a long wonderful ride. Decisions decisions ....
  9. servion222
    Thanks everyone for the replies! Regarding the reggae choices, I'm definitely more on the SOJA/HIRIE/Tribal Seeds/Rebelution side as well; sounds like we have similar taste in music. I ended up ordering the 1More over ears without hearing them. I have yet to hear the Meze's but I was too nervous about them with the new earpads, based on InnerFidelity's review.

    My experience with them has been great. I very much enjoy the sound and can relate to the "funny feeling" with them in a good way. I'm an aspiring "audiophile in training" here for sure, so bear with me, but I listened a lot to these units before buying the 1More's unheard (simply because they were the few "high-end" headphones I had access to locally):
    • Sennheiser HD1 (plugged in) - Actually really enjoyed the sounds from these, but couldn't get over the wireless business
    • B&O H9i (plugged in) - Immediately noticed a great sound stage, great isolation, very much enjoyed the sound shape
    • New Audio MH40 - these sounded very "tinny" and hollow sounding, I honestly could barely stand them
    None of the above units "scratched the itch", although my favorite was definitely the B&Os from a sound shape/quality perspective. I definitely wanted wired, and I didn't want any form of active noise canceling as that seems counter-intuitive to me for getting an accurate reproduction. I haven't brought my 1More's in to compare to any of these back to back, but I can definitely say I've been happy with my choice so far.

    The one thing that concerned me with InnerFidelity's review of the 1Mores was his comment about them potentially being a slightly "bass-head" set. I enjoy hearing bass for sure, but I don't want the "beats" feel, the V-shape that non-critical listeners seem to favor. After spending a lot of time with them, I think I can hear what he's saying about almost hearing another bass instrument comes around at a certain frequency, but I love it. The bass is most definitely not over-done, in-your-face at all - I can hear it, but it's not the type of headphone I picture someone who is into thumping bass music enjoying. It would definitely leave the listeners who prefer the "bass-boost" you get from the V-shape wanting (which is a good thing in my listening experience).

    How long did it take for the 1Mores to break in for you? Did you explicitly use pink noise or just regular use?

    What hardware are you using for your source? DAC?

    I'm currently using the onboard DAC with my google pixel android phone and my macbook pro, so the next step for me is a portable DAC. I'm researching and hoping to find one that supports a balanced cable, assuming I can just replace the cable on my 1More and get the full benefit of balanced. I'm looking at the iFi Nano idsd Black Label, but I'm having a hard time determining if it truly supports a native balanced cable or not.
  10. FullBlownEargasam
  11. FullBlownEargasam
    The Mezes are very close to being on ear. I could see someone with bigger ears would not be able to fit them in the Meze. There is no leakage with the 1more even though they are on ear. Its pretty impressive. Check out Zeo's review he does a demonstration.
  12. FullBlownEargasam
    Great reggae choices! It did take quite a bit of time for them to break in and there was a significant change in the sound. Everything gets just a bit less harsh. Kind of softens them out is the only way I could explain it. I am using them with and NFB 11.28. I think you are going to have a real hard time finding a aftermarket cable that will fit into the channels that are on the headphone side of the 1mores but if you do please let me know where you found them. I would be interested as well.
  13. Mhog55
    I'm pretty sure in the full size headphones sub section, somewhere in the 1 more triple driver 30 page thread, a few people listed other cables they have found and are using.
  14. waynes world
    I know that you were asking about comparing to the classics, but the following review has a good comparison to the 99 Neo's:

    I have the Nighthawks and was all set to get the Nightowls. Someone suggested that I look into the 1more's, and I received them a few days ago.

    In summary, I'm not disappointed with the 1mores - they are fantastic. Completely different beasts than the Nighthawks (and I suspect, the Nightowls), but that's actually quite all right with me :)
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  15. surfgeorge
    Thanks for the link! interesting read.
    I have the NightHakw, NightOwl and 1More Triple IEMs. Interestingly the description of the 1More Triple headphones seems to match the IEMs as well.
    The NightHawks are special, very smooth and relaxed, really sound a lot like listening to a set of speakers in a room, which I think is quite special. Very realistic, but bass is a little loose.
    The NightOwls (after a lengthy burn in) are a little more neutral, punchy with better bass control, a bit more "headphone" feeling compared to that special NightHawk.
    But they have a lot in common, so having the 1More Triple is maybe a better option to add to your variety of HPs
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2018
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