Meizu distributor bringing out its own line of DAPs/PMPs
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Jan 8, 2008
Dane-Elec PMPs Out of the Woodwork*|*PMP Today

More info in the translated source: Translated version of

Hopefully they'll sound just as good as Meizus do too.

Looking at their range the The Music pix looks very nice. 2.9" 16:9 screen, only 66 grams, no annoying touch screen and microSD slot. Pity it's only up to 8GB in built in flash memory. Has a 1.3MP camera, handy but I mean any phone nowadays has a camera as good or better as that. Doesn't seem to have FLAC support but that sounds like an ommission as the PMP-size model does. Pretty affordable too.

Hope someone will actually do up a review when it comes out
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These are just more rebrands. I think due to the current economic situation they went with some cheaper OEM devices. Don't trust the GUI images yet (probably just photoshopped). Perhaps they did work with the firmware but they may have just changed icons and the theme and a start-up splash. MP4nation does the same with the S:flo (same factory as Teclast T-50). The Nationite players are chosen because they are a certain quality, not on price. Do not expect these to be on the level of Meizu though.

The little one is quite similar to this...

I know the green one also and believe it is quite old. It would be since 2.4 screens are hardly even used anymore.

For Chinese players it is better to stick to the name brands such as Meizu, Oppo, Onda, SmartQ, etc. where you can find out the actual chips and components to know how they will perform or if you will get actual firmware updates and support.

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