MeElectronics M11P+ as a gift. Burn them in?
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Apr 15, 2011
Just bout some MeElectronics M11P+ headphones for my friend. She enjoy's her bass. And from what I understand these headphones have a little more on the bass end without destroying the mids to mid-lows. So They're on there way here. But my question is: should I burn them in? They are a gift, so I'd have to unwrap them carefully and burn them in, then sneak them back in. Do you think it's worth it? I've never "burnt in" any headphones, but I want these to sound really nice. She is still stuck on SkullCandy, and claims they're amazing headphones, so I want these to make a good impression. Showing that music isn't all bass, which is what SkullCandy should have you believe.
Opinions? Suggestions? Advice?
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It's a gift, give them to her new.  Let her decide whether or not to burn them in...  Tell her it'll sound better as she does it, so keep listening to them for a week and they'll improve.
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I would not bother. You can always tell her about burn when you give them to her. But if you want to burn them in without it looking like they have been open you can open MEElec boxes from the bottom without breaking the seal. In fact I think they are easier to open from the bottom than the they are the top.
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Alright, I think I just tell her to burn them in. That way she can hear the difference as well. Thanks.

I bought a pair of M11+ (actually got them in an old Meelec Mwhat sale... score!) and she loves them. Heeer-uge bass, V-shaped sound. Mids are recessed as all hell but they are fun fun fun. Plus the fit is awesome and they come with like a million tips and accessories. I'm sure she'll love them. I noticed only minor differences after burn in so I wouldn't stress it. 

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