Mee Audio Pinnacle P1 alternative
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Jan 6, 2009
Hello Headfiers,

Havent posted in a while but looking for advice. In a sea of what looks like a million IEMs, I'm looking for an alternate IEM to the Pinnacle P1 for less than $400 cdn. Very happy with the sound of the P1, but I've had them for years and wondering if I'm missing out with the latest wave of IEMs.

I was looking at the following IEMS of various price ranges below $400cdn:

Sennheiser IE200
Letshuoer S12
Tangzu x HBB Wu Heyday
Dunu Titan S
Truthear Hexa
Fiio FH3
Kiwi Ears Cadenza
Hidiz Mp145
KZ ZS10 Pro

Any others to consider? Is the Pinnacle P1 better than all of them? Or different?

I love the details and clarity of the P1. The bass is a tad light but with my Fiio Q1 with bass boost on they sound excellent!
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Well I decided to just go with the Fiio FH3 after just going back and forth between trying to decide which one I really wanted. Hopefully sounds good!

Plus I got a replacement cable for my old sennheiser ie80

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