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Mee Audio m7 pro or Fiio F9 Pro or what do you recommend?

  1. Galeonero
    Hello people, I am wanting to buy in-ear headphones that have interchangeable cables to have a longer duration over time.
    I am indecisive between the Mee audio m7 pro or the Fiio F9 pro.
    Both cost very simialares and bring many accessories.
    I do not have a preferential sound but I like above all that you can hear the voice well detailed and neither so much serious nor sharp, a detailed sound I look for.
    I use the computer and an LG v20 more than anything else.
    What would you choose or what other do you recommend?
  2. Zelda
    they're both quite different. but none the best option if you want the nice voices w/o some sharpness

    you may consider the iBasso IT01 or final E4000 instead
  3. monitoringsound70
    I'd go for the M6 pro 2nd generation version.
    Much better than the 7 and voices sound incredible on them, absolute bargain now as well.

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