MEE Audio BTX1 Bluetooth MMCX Cable -- Any owners?

  1. Jeepz
    Hey y'all!

    I stumbled across the MEE Audio BTX1 a week back and done research but haven't seen any reviews about these.

    Seems like they tick almost all of the boxes:

    + AAC/aptX support
    + Great battery life
    + Good cable management (seemingly, from pictures)
    + MMCX
    + Relatively established brand
    + Reasonable price (~$60 USD at time of writing)
    - Not water/sweat resistant (not a huge deal, however...)

    Anyone have experience with these? And quirks? I thought I'd ask before taking the plunge.

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  2. maniac2003
    Yep that one is interesting.
    Although I do find it odd that the text mentiones AAC+aptX but the product picture only has the aptX logo present.
  3. Devodonaldson
    I'll review it for uou now. Regarding APT-X, it's a virtual home run. Has enough power to drive my Monoprice m300 in ear Planars well. Good amp staging, which is the most important part. The level of sound is going to be based on your iems, etc. But this cable does it right. Of course it's not going to reach the same level of detail as a wired hi wuality portable DAC, but it's more than reasonable, and even better for the money. Only downside for me was that I didn't want over ear cable, but switching left for right and flipping upside down, I was able to deal with wearing over ear. On normal over ear iems this will be a normal application
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  4. maniac2003
  5. Jeepz
    Perfect -- thanks for the update!

    I've actually grown to love the over-ear cable style -- adds a lot of stability for me.

    Do you notice any connection/audio drop outs from the bluetooth connection at times?
  6. Devodonaldson
    Nothing that I don't get from other cables. I exercise with it, no issue. I walk through the parking lot of my local Target, and I get minor dropouts, but that happens with every Bluetooth device there. So overall, the bluetBlue performance has been very good
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  7. m4rkw
    how long does the battery last from full to off?
  8. Devodonaldson
    Haven't used straight long enough to burn it out as I don't use bluetBlue audio for long sessions. Have gone 4hrs without issue. That was the longest I've used it though
  9. cnbb
    any hissing noise?
  10. Devodonaldson
    Have had no issues other than what I have with any other Bluetooth device in certain areas. No hissing

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