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MDR-EX35LP-a short review by A.A. Fussy

  1. babya
    Product-Sony MDR-EX35LP
    Paid: AUD$44.95
    Sony's come out with a new series of EX earbuds-the EX33/35/36V-all have 9mm EX drivers and can be found for under $45.

    In Australia Sony offers only the EX33 & EX35LP.

    I purchased and am reviewing the latter.

    The design of these are quite similar to the EX32LP-with a straight earpiece and a stem part at the back.

    What makes these nice is the supplied tips are made using a new technique by Sony called "hybrid sillicon"-basically this refers to the outer part of the tips being made from softer sillicon, while the inner part is hard sillicon-enhancing the in-ear seal and wearing comfort.

    The tip's inner parts are color-coded-orange,green and light blue, which makes for easy selection.

    Sizes supplied are:S,M,L with another size, SS being available as a separate purchase (smaller than S size).

    I chose to use the L size.

    I found the isolation to be very good-something Sony's EX series does well and it sounds quite nice for my tastes.

    Using these with a iPod gives great bass, with a Sony NW-S705F, it proved to sound excellent with the EX35LP's.

    It has got a good level bass-which I like too.

    Finally, there's a handy plastic piece which you can wind the cord around to prevent tangling.

    from left to right-packaging, supplied tips, MDR-EX35LP with L size tips on
  2. barleyguy
    (Awake zombie thread)
    I bought a pair of these as an impulse buy yesterday (needed IEMs for a plane trip), and wanted to give my comments...
    First impression, using the stock size L tips, is that they are pretty boomy with a significant mid bass hump.  They are a bit recessed in the treble, but don't roll off excessively early.  They are lacking "air" though, so there's probably not much going on above 13K.  The midrange is decent, with pretty good vocal detail and intelligibility.  Overall the sound signature is fun, with enough detail to not feel like things are too veiled.
    I also have custom molded silicone tips that fit these perfectly.  The custom molded tips even out the frequency response quite a bit, and improve the soundstage and placement of instruments.  Plugging these IEMs into an Icon Mobile headphone amp helped the sound signature even more.  With custom tips and an amp, these become very listenable.  (I'm not suggesting you should buy custom molds and an amplifier for an IEM this cheap.  But if you already have them, you might as well try them together.)
    Overall, for $20, off the shelf of a major retailer, I feel like these were a decent choice.
  3. JJBug
    I just picked these up - and after spending $ on cheap garbage (rocketfish cheap jvcs etc) and big $ on high end stuff its nice to get a decent set of winter buds for $15 (1/2 price at Zellers Canada right now). I think they sound like my cx300IIs but brighter and with less bass and with a smaller soundstage, though enough bass thats it is a little boomy and doesnt need the bass boost on the E5. They sound less busy but pleasant to listen to. They do not sound hollow or distant (in a bad way - not in a wide soundstage way) like cheap ones can do.They only have red ones though.

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