Matrix M-stage HPA2 vs. iFi iDSD micro vs. iFi iCan for amping of AKG Q701
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Vicca Tito

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Aug 24, 2008
Hi friends,
I thrive to appropriately amp Q701 cans, lately. I was recently blown away by how well these cans were amped by iDSD micro. Enormously powerful and clean sound with very detailed portraying, yet just a little bit (very small bit) of plasticky feel. I thought it can even be better, although I didn't believe when I first connected it with this wonderful machine.

I think iCan can do better, so anybody tried this combo yet?
Especially with regard of comparing one to well known Matrix or Heed Canamp solution! Or to stay with well tried & tested M stage? I would rather stay away from Lyr which has fallen short of appropriately voicing Q701 in spite of enormous power reserve.

Or there is something better? I don't want to engage my Auralic Taurus for this task. It's for the office system.

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