Marshall Minor / Urbanears Medis / other recommendations?
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Aug 2, 2012
I'm searching for a new pair of earphones.
I had the Marshall Minor FX for the last years, but I'm encountering problems with my (I think) 5th pair of them now. They sound fantastic in my opinion, but have a very disappointing build quality.
I always searched for earphones that aren't totally in-ear because I hate that design and with a lot of bass and fairly good isolation. So I found the Marshall Minor FX and they matched my expectations, but I'm slowly sick of them. I know that there are the Urbanears Medis, but as they look exactly the same I assume that they aren't any different from the Minors. I even read in another thread that the same company produces them (Zounds).
And here I am now, hoping that you guys could recommend me better earphones. As I mentioned: They shouldn't be totally in-ear (the Minor/Medis-design was barely a compromise), they should have quite a lot of bright bass and should isolate enough to use them outside every day.
Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to your answers.
Best regards!

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