Marie Digby on a sunny afternoon
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Dec 2, 2008
I’ve been listening to Marie Digby all day and I’m obsessed. For those of you who don’t know, she’s a singer/guitar and piano player who launched her career though youtube. Her voice is very dynamic and emotional. She’s becoming very popular and has a new music video out for her first single called “Feel”. Here’s the link

Marie Digby "Feel"

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Beautiful voice. Nice lyrics. But I like her first album, "Unfold" better than the latest album "Breathing Underwater."
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Holy thread resurrection, Batman. I stumbled up Marie Digby when I was using Pandora to create a channel for Holly Brook (my all time favorite singer). Her first album is spectacular. I'm a sucker for great vocals, and this girl can sing. While, I am not as big a fan of her second album, I do think Marie Digby has a huge potential. ATM, I think the young lady is experimenting in dabbling in different genres of music. I feel as though she has not yet found her niche. Holly Brook has her own style which is evident in each one of her tracks. Brook's songs are all different, but you can find similarities in each. I'd describe Brook as a fusion of jazz and blues mixed with great vocals and instrumental music. Brook plays every instrument you hear in her songs, at times often recording herself playing one instrument so that she can overlap her song while she plays another instrument. Digby is phenomenal in her own right because she plays by ear (can't read/write music).

Both are my favorite singers for this time of music.

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