M50x modding

  1. bachankas

    It is my first thread, so be gentle :)
    Few years ago I bought ATH-M50x. Really nice overear headphones, I used them 95% of time as portable rig outside the house.

    However, I got convinced to use IEMs - right now I have RHA MA750 and my ATH stays on house and gather dust.
    I wonder if they are worth modifying for home usage.
    1. Open back mod - I've read some about it. For sure opening headphones help with ventilation etc. How does it improve sound (if improves)? I would like slightly more linear response maybe, less boomy bass and closer mids.
    2. I have HM5 supersoft assymetric pads - they are very comfortable and slightly improve M50x's soundstage due to moving drivers further from the ear.
    3. Cable - will different cable improve SQ significantly? I wonder about some silver cables to brithen the sound.
    4. Improve comfort - headband harms after 1 hour of wearing M50x.
    I am also considering buy new open-back headphones like DT990 Pro, however it is much higher cost (headphones + amp), so at first I want to play with what I have right now. Is it worth time? Does someone have modded M50x and reccomend something?

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