Lyr 2 vs. Ragnarok
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Oct 4, 2014
I absolutely love my Lyr 2 amp with 1967 Telefunken Tubes, but being an audio addict I cannot stop wondering about the Ragnarok amp also by Schiit. The price difference is dramatic.  I am seriously tempted but before I spend that kind of money, and deal with the inevitable fallout from my wife, I would like to hear from others who have made the switch.  Currently, my DAC is the Bifrost uber (probably going to upgrade that too, to the Gungnir), my headphones are Fostex TH-900's with the Lawton Mod and Lawton Mexican Rattlesnake Bocote Chambers (if I get the Ragnarok I'll end up sending the TH-900's to Lawton for the 400.00 balanced cable).  We are starting to talk about real money.  So my question is, has anyone any experience with the Lyr 2 (using high-end tubes) and the Ragnarok? I don't want to spend the money and deal with the wife if there isn't a real difference.

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