Lynx e22 or marian seraph ad2
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May 21, 2020
I was thinking or purchasing either a Lynx e22 or a Marian seraph Ad2 [ unless I can find a cheaper Pcie card] and using it with a pre-amp/ DI to play Amp sims on my PC with my guitar.

Is this a bit of overkill for my purposes? And does anyone think it will sound better than a budget USB device? I know it will give much better latency.

I also thought of getting an older pci card for cheap on ebay, but I don't have pci slots and the pci-e to pci adapters look pretty sketchy, anyone know of any cheaper pci-e alternatives? Also came across the digigram vx222e but I'm not sure if it will work for my purposes?

I would rather go PCI-e because I have the open PCI-e slots, and I have already tried 4 different usb devices that didn't work properly.

Thanks for any help.
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