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Loxjie P20 Discussion- Starved for information on this thing!

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  1. arielext
    Then if you could wait, try it balanced first with the stock tubes. If that offer for the tubes is not going to last: buy them :)
  2. bilboda
    Those tubes may be overkill for the amp but that's a nice price. Purists may weep at their use as they can do so much more in certain hi-end amps.
    Google this amp. You will find a ton of info and some eye opening measurements.
    Just got this in a few days ago and I'm impressed even with the stock tubes. I tried my DT990's and didn't feel it. Tried my Superlux's and it sounded much better, listening to the DT880 now and it's really very good. I'm running it straight from my Oppo. Clean sounding...initial impressions are very good even using RCA's.
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  4. GravityEyelids
    UPDATE - Things havent been sounding right and after swapping components around for hours, i have narrowed down that actually the 1/4" adapter that came with the 6XX has been faulty, along with the other 1/4" i have, which only let though one channel (what are the damn chances of that??? ).

    I fixed the issue and now this amp and setup sounds incredible to me. Wow. I don't ever remember having a setup that sounds so pleasing and presents my favorite music the way I've always thought that it "should" sound. It just sounds effortless. I don't know how else to describe it. I should note that I've previously really only owned portable cans and never really owned a decently high end over ear that benefits from amping.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2019
  5. rrg123
    GravityEyelids, great job on clearing up your issues.

    Good to learn that I am not the only one who really enjoys the amp.
    Per your idea and what you mentioned in the original post. I ordered the xlr to RCA 1ft cable that will attach to my DAC.
    It's on a slow boat from over seas so no time soon but I am looking to see what happens with that.

    For now happy getting more time with the current unbalanced setup.
    I'm just enjoying the slow ride to better audio.
    Anyone else thinking about getting the SMSL SU-8 balanced DAC off Massdrop to try with this??
    It's 200 bucks right now with free shipping...
  7. bgtip

    On your questions:
    1. Yes, I run 3.5mm to XLR cable from FiiO K3 to the balanced input of P20.
    2. It made huge difference with my HD 660S. The sound stage went from -.- to --.--
    3. No, it doesn't sound tubey. I used Russian tubes 6Н3П-ЕВ military, and one similar pair. I liked the original Chinese tubes also. All of them sound different in regard to imaging and detail resolve. None of them sonded warmer or reverberating. My Little Bear P2 sounds tubey, with all those characteristics present, P20 doesn't.
  8. GravityEyelids
    I've got a 3.5mm to XLR breakout cable coming tomorrow so I'll let you know. From what I've heard the balanced outputs may make a bigger difference but once I build an XLR cable for the 6XX I'll be running full "balanced" (kind of fake balance in) and can just sit back and enjoy - not that I'm not heavily enjoying them already.
  9. turbomustang84
    I have not bought the P20 yet I got the Geshelli Enog2 Balanced Dac and am awaiting my XLR cables then illI order the P20.
    Until my P20 gets here I've got a Geshelli Archel Pro amplifier and connected via XLR to 3.5mm cable LOL .

    By the way if you need some good cables IMG_20190319_124449581_HDR.jpg
    Those are 7" RCAs and I ordered the XLRs 1ft like these

    I am actually very pleased with the quality from ghentaudio
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  10. Shane D
    I got P20 today. Really surprised that they ship with the tubes in.
    Should one tube be higher than the other? Facing the front, the tube on the right is higher????

    Any input?

    Shane D 20190415_183229.jpg
  11. Shane D
    One more pic...

    Shane D 20190415_181704.jpg
  12. GravityEyelids
    My tubes look just like that. They have pretty large pins i think so it won't really matter if they're leaning a little.
  13. Shane D
    How about the lighting? Looks very dim... 20190415_195250.jpg
    Shane D
  14. CADCAM
    Mine were a little loose and leaning, I just re-seated them and they look fine now.
  15. Shane D
    I pressed all the way in and one is still higher. However the coating on the higher one comes down to meet the other one. Also, the inner layer is even with the platform on both.

    Just tried it out. Not much power at all. Can't make a snap judgement. Will give it a lot more time tomorrow.

    Shane D
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