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LOUD Headphones Amp?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by bogginhead, Sep 30, 2018.
  1. bogginhead
    I just received Topping NX5, thinking it would be enough to power my 32 Ohms Hifiman cans to loud levels. But it just isn't enough. Is there any portable headphone amps out there around $100 that can? Should I have went with the FIIO A5 or Mont Blanc?
  2. kukkurovaca
    Which headphones are you trying to drive? the NX5 seems to have pretty good output at 32 ohms.

    The Fiio A5 or E12 or Cayin C5 would definitely have quite a bit more power, though.
  3. bogginhead
    For the most part I'm driving the HE-4XX and the HE-400i (as well as some AKG K7XX). I'm beginning to feel like my hearing might be bad in some way. I can say the Schiit Fulla 2 (as well as the Modi Multibit / Loki Mini / Vali 2 combo or the Modi 2 Uber / Loki Mini/ Magni 3 combo) all drive these cans to my preferred level with no problems (and very much overkill with the stacks). Is it impossible to find a portable headphone amp that can put out the equivalent volume as the above mentioned? Is the NX5 about where volume ends, in a way?

    Also, would a Schiit Fulla 1 fit my needs (Android Galaxy S9+ to Fulla 1 / 32 Ohms Hifimans?)
  4. kukkurovaca
    You may want to check and make sure that your source is set to max volume/line out. (Sounds obvious, but it comes up a lot.)

    On paper, the NX5 should have enough power (285mw at 32ohms) for your headphones, but way less than your desktop amps.

    The Fiio A5 and Cayin C5 have 800mW at 32 ohms (Fiio E12 had very slightly more). That's the most power you'll get in a portable unit for around $100.

    If you spend more and want to get closer to desktop amp power in something that's portable/transportable, look at the iFi Micro BL, which will put outmultiple watts, or Plussound Cloud Nine, which is 1.28w at 32 ohms.
  5. bogginhead

    Thanks so much for this; I'll be giving those a hard look...as soon as I can sell this new NX5 I just bought, lol.

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