Lossless music services in India?
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Sep 22, 2014
Hi Head-Fi'ers.
I currently use Gaana.com app and subscription to get good quality lossy music offline. There has been a long time since lossless services started in US/EU but still not available in India (or most Asian countries as a fact). Tidal was my hope but it is not yet available in India. Neither is Qobuz.
A day before, manager called me in and asked me to try Apple Music on his iPhone 5 with my M40X. The first thought was "Damn, it is amazing, so clear, detailed, bass very deep. Much better than my HTC Desire 820". That got me biased towards buying an iPhone as my next purchase for audio being the motivation. But I really don't want to be leave android because it makes me feel free and lets me customize each and everything.
Can anyone let me know if there are any lossless music services (subscription) like Apple Music available in India? For now Apple Music seems to the only viable choice. For android I can get a better sounding phone like Xiaomi Mi Note Pro if not then iPhone is the last resort
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For starters, Apple Music is not true lossless. You can try out Tidal but you will have to use VPNs. Other is using Spotify Premium without VPN - requires you to pay $10 a month.
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Apple music is no where near loseless at 256k aac.
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