Looking to take a step up from the ATH-M40x
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Dec 30, 2010
Hi all!
I have had my ATH-M40x's for about five months, and I love them, but I am ready to take the next step. I would love some recommendations for headphones between $150-$200. I am asking here instead of just referring to the many guides because I have a somewhat unique music collection which most of the guides disregard. The thing I listen to most is musical theatre, followed by punk rock. Odd, right?
Anyway, I am looking for a good soundstage and good detail. I love listening and hearing new instruments and orchestrations in my favorite songs. Of course I am also looking for great overall sound, but I guess the things to note are a good soundstage, good detail, and strong mids and highs. Portability would be nice, but it isn't a huge difference maker. Also, I would much prefer headphones that do not require an amp.
Thanks in advance!

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