Looking to get another pair of headphones. Help is needed
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Dec 13, 2010
Right now I'm using my custom IEM from 1964 triple driver. as my portable headphone.
I also own Sennheiser HD 650, Brainwavz HM5, Ultrasone Pro 900 for home use. Now the headphones i want to get will replace or be my backup for my custom IEM. As I might get them upgraded to 6 drivers..But here are the things i would like to have

Needs to be closed,
price range of 100-400$
Somewhat portable but not massive, will be using this for commuting to work( 1.5 hour commute). Occasionally at home too watching movies listening to music..
Noise isolation doesn't need to be impressive.
Needs to be somewhat neutral sounding.. Not too bassy but needs to be heard, mid range needs to be upfront, highs needs to be crisp.. Sound Signature of a detailed neutral headphone but with a bump in the bass section.
I was looking into a bluetooth wireless headphone with the option of enabling the wire on it but not 100% sure as of yet.
Music type varies, I listen to alot of Indie, Indie rock, shoegaze, dreampop, synthpop, Post rock,rock, punk, psychedelic,experimental, alternative, trap, electronic and a little of pop, hiphop.
No jazz, country for me.
Will be using this to be paired with my iBasso D-Zero and ipod touch 4th gen. and at times at home.

Headphones I had in mind

Sennheiser Momentum
UE 9000
Parrot Zik
Shure 940
V-Moda M100

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