Looking to buy a new CD Player
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Mar 7, 2010
Hi All

Holla from Singapore, just a question. I am thinking of getting a better source for my system, which consists of the X-Can V8 and Alessandro MS2i (Jumbo pads), gonna get the AKGK701/2 to complement the Alessandro as well
. Gonna get a good CD player as I have amassed a large number of CDs. Its an oxymoron I buy original CDs to rip to iTunes.
Been using iTunes all these while on my ipod/Mac.
The choices are listed below:
Marantz CD6003/Marantz SA7003
Usher CD7
Rega Apollo

Its a mixed bag but the price differences is a few hundred dollars. I will be using it without a dedicated DAC so its the only source. I do not really want to upgrade again/so often.
The Rega Apollo is the most expensive but not really by much compared to the rest at least in Singapore where there is a special price by the distributor.
Any comments on the above? I listen to Blues/Blues Rock/Jazz/Rock mainly.

Thanks a lot.
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I second the 565bee. Ive owned the planet2000, the apollo, a marantz sa-14mk2, and am a current owner of akg 701's. this is a phenomenal cd player. lively and rhythmic, gobs of detail, so easy to listen to. the planet and apollo were nice but a bit polite and boring after a while. the marantz was extremely musical but not punchy enough after a while. this is my second nad in 10 years and light years ahead of the c541i of 2002. you can find them for around $600us new or $500 used. good luck!

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