Looking for the best extra-bass IEMs under $75
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Nov 24, 2013
I listen to a lot of Hip Hop and EDM, and I am trying to find the best IEMs for those genres.  My first IEM was a cheap Maxell headset from Walmart, which had a phenomenal sound quality for the <$10 price.  They had the best bass I have heard in a headphone, but unfortunately my dog broke them.  I was not able to find the same model from Maxell, so I tried a variety of other highly recommended models, including:
• Panasonic Egro-fit: Not enough bass, muffled treble (returned)
• Apple EarPods: Great treble/mids but not enough bass (sold)
• MEElectronics M9: Decent bass but muffled treble/mids (returned)
• JVC HAFX1X: Excellent bass but uncomfortable "piercing" treble (gave away)
• Sony MDR-XB50AP: Better bass than FX1, but same problem with treble (kept)
• Sennheiser: Great sound quality, but too flat for my tastes (sold)
• V-MODA: Good bass, but muffled treble/mids (kept)
• And a few other models that I returned or threw away.
Can anyone recommend a good IEM for modern bass-heavy genres, without compromising treble and mid-range quality, for less than $75?  I have considered the Sony XB70 and Panasonic RP-HJX5, but I would like more options to choose from.
Also, I have considered buying Comply foam tips for the Sony XB50.  Has anyone tried Comply tips with the XB50 to know if they change the sound signature?
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Have you seen this list: http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone-list/. The make/model name links to a review. Might help :)
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Thanks for the list, that helps a lot!  I will also take a look at the Xiaomi Pistons 2.

I had the xb50 and had the opposite problem with them, they were decently bassy but the highs were too subdued and they didn't have enough clarity. Are you sure you're getting a good seal? Sony hybrids (the tips) are usually pretty good in that regard.
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I ended up returning the XB50s, and I bought the V-MODA Bass Freq Metal from Amazon for the same price.  They look awesome and are very comfortable, and they have a nice three-button remote.  I was impressed by the sound quality, as my previous V-MODAs were not as impressive.  They have perfect highs and mids with great detail, but they are not sibilant like the XB50 and FX1X.  The bass is somewhat lacking in quantity, but it is quality bass.  Overall a great IEM for under $25!

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