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Looking for surround sound headphone processor

  1. tripletopper
    I like the effect of the Turtle Beach x41 because magnifies the directionality of the sounds. Are Turtle Beach DSS lets you use your own headphones but mixes the sound into surround.

    I have heard a few problems 1 it only decodes Dolby into Dolby headphones. 2. It's limited to information that can fit on a toslink cable.

    We basically have three media places by bedroom the basement and the living room. .the living room does not need a microphone on the headphones but the other two places do because I plan to talk to people while playing video games and twitching on Twitch.

    The living room has a Sony ubp-x800. I prefer to use the full bandwidth of either Dolby Atmos disc or a DTS X disc the currently the only way we can get headphone surround is the set Sony to convert DTS to Dolby and then use toslink Turtle Beach DSS I'm unplugging where to buy headphones in 5.1 surround. I'd like to get lpcm 7.1 translated to headphones as well as DTS X and Dolby Atmos.

    Bedroom has potentially 3 disc players. Most discs will be played on my Xbox One S. I purchased the Dolby Atmos headphone app. If there are two sets of movies that can't be played on it. When is certain 3D blu-rays that the Xbox One S hates. The other is a foreign 3D disc but I heard I could pipe the video from the living room's ubp x800 and transmit to my Xbox One.

    For the ones that work on Xbox One S: Does Dolby Atmos Headphone take any kind of input whether it's Dolby Atmos, DTS X,l 7.1, and lower forms of all 3,. I'm transformed them into a directionally accurate version of surround sound with just two tracks? I think DTS and lpcm and lower dolby's are poor with Atmos Headphones,but I'm not sure if the atmos app is worth it.

    Finally the basement has a Computer for twitching, CRT TV and older media bike LaserDisc, Beta, and VHS. Since we very rarely use those three formats, the family wants these videos beamed upstairs with a wireless video adapter. ( Personally, I:d rather watch on the CRT TV because it looks more colorful).

    Battery the Wii U and switch are very hard to find headphone adapters for because you have to extracted from the HDMI but HDMI can only do straight stereo or lpcm surround.

    I've seen $20 sound cards on eBay which plug-in buy a USB and have a headphone out and a microphone in. Would that work on systems with USB headphone out? Would it work with all forms of surround sound?

    Finally does Bluetooth have a One source many destination mode for audio? if not I was going to broadcast the post converted soundtrack on an in-home FM radio on an unused frequency. But probably if there was such a Bluetooth mode, that would be better.

    Priorities are
    A) save money
    B) work with every surround language.
    C) accurate directionalism is more important than playing with an equalizer.
    D). Should be broadcastable to multiple headphones listening to the same source.

    There are two reasons why we want this. First has no rooms are perfect rectangles. The second is the decoder is probably cheaper than that plus adding 11 speakers to three different places.
  2. pbui44
  3. tripletopper
    someone told me ion a differet forum that there was a Discrete RCA 5.1 to headphone converter somewhere. I guess if the SDony SDP-E800 Laser Disc AC3RF-Dolby 5.1 convert also a) converts the Dolby into 5.1 RCA, and also converts DTS 5.1 Discrete RCA 5.1 , I'd like that for the basement, in case I get a DTS Laser Disc one day. And idf theres an LPCM 7.1 to Discrete RCA 7.1 I was wondering if a "bettr model is the 7,1 RCS toi 2,0 HEadphoner mixed signal is possible.
  4. tripletopper
    Well. The lfdb.com people that my sony sdp-e800 convert dolby ac3rf ti dolby 5.1 toslink, optical, and lpcm 5.1discrete rca., And also converts dts 5 1 to lpcm 5.1 discrete rca.

    About the blaster x atnos, does ot vomvert it to headphone durround, like the dolby atmos headphone app? Will it di dts:x inouts and lpcm 7.1 inputs?

    Finally, i'm looking for an hdmi input to feed the sound in.

    I found out my 4k players a sony ubp-x800 does not have usb headphone out feature. So i need hdmi to get Dolby Atmos input.

    I can't tell by the pictures.
  5. tripletopper
    I took another look. Does work sounwith all formats.

    Doesn't work with my 4k player. My player doesn't output usb headphones.

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