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Looking for Sport headphones under $220

  1. LiquidMotionz
    I currently have $190 to spend on sport headphones, Im not a big audiophile nor a bassjunky
    ( i just like my music to thump a bit and be able to hear vocals cleary and most importanly i hate over strained "S" sounds )
    mainly have been looking at in ears as not too many over the ear headphones are made for sporting applications. I have looked heavily at the v moda zn and I have listened to the m100 crossfades and liked them if you have any other recommendations feel free to comment
                     -thanks for the help
  2. Ira Delphic
    What do you mean by "sport headphones" - outdoor use? You want to run in them? Or just for walking around? On ear or over ear? Will  you be wearing glasses? Your sound source is a small player like Sansa Clip+ or smart phone?
  3. LiquidMotionz
    I just want them to be sweat resistant and not fall out that's kinda what I meant by sport headphones, I will do running, walking, mowing grass, sometimes I mit wear glasses I have an armband for my iPod and a zune that I use I have told to look at the jaysbirds x2's I don't really have a preference over in ear or over ear I just hate on ear headphones
  4. pkshiu
    Unfortunately you have listed some "incompatible" sport activities. For me:
    - running --- need to stay in my ear, so in-ear or semi-in-ear -- I like to NOT block out road noise, so I use the bose soundsport primarily for their eartip design, otherwise jaybirds are the obvious choice
    - mowing grass -- you are not moving around a lot, you want (active or passive) noise cancelling comfortable over the ear, without wires, lots of choices. Sony MDR XB950BT and others...
  5. LiquidMotionz
    I have ath-m50s that I currently use for mowing and I run on a private sidewalk so noise does not bother me do you think wireless are worth it cuz if you're running you still have to put your phone somewhere like an arm band
  6. pkshiu
    wireless is a huge deal for me for running. Maybe it's just the way I swing my arms... the wires will get in the way, and the weight of the wire de-stablize the earpiece, at least for me. For noise I am more worry about being able to hear the outside -- which I like. From bicycle bells to whatever -- I guess I like to be aware of my surroundings.
  7. LiquidMotionz
    What would you recommend between the x2 and the vmoda zn
  8. Ira Delphic
    I'm going to give you an answer out of left field. For running I use Soundsoul s-018 with foam tips.
    They are wood and NOT waterproof, but only $13 and I've been using them all summer! I also got an extra backup pair. Not so sibilant (that "s" sound). Very light weight. They come with a clip and the cable is VERY stiff, so does pick up some noise and transfer to your ears if not clipped on properly. For $13 from Amazon you might just want to give that or something similar a try. Comply makes sport foam tips or use cheaper tips. I can suggest some if needed. I have too many IEM's and headphones and always go back to the s-018's/foam tips for running. For sound quality look up some reviews. In the past they were hyped like crazy. They sound pretty good to me.
  9. LiquidMotionz
    Thanks I have been wanting a cheaper pair
  10. Asim lau
    If you are not pursuing a big brand, you can try these waterproof headphones for running, they will a good choice.

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