Looking for some IEMs that would be a good replacment for my RE-0s
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Smoke Signals

Oct 17, 2012
I currently am using the HiFiMan RE-0s but since the build quality of them doesn't seem so hot, I'd like to know what I should be on the lookout for if/when my RE-0's go kaputt.
I tend to prefer a neutral or close-to-neutral sound signature, and I don't want any sibilance or other fatiguing properties.  My price range is between $50-$150 although $100 and lower is more comfortable for me.
Thanks for the advice!
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Supposedly it is better.
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Ohh the hf5.. My first audiophile 'phone. They are decent, I'll start up positive. A little bright and analytical with very good imaging and precise bass. They like a good source, indeed. Really shines with my e17. Also, I'd recommend getting a 75 ohm impedance adapter, which opens up the sound, and tightens the bass.
Negative... They sound distant and closed in, lack treble response. A bit muted in general, and maybe slightly bland. Can't really tell you more than that, and I have nothing to compare to IEM wise. If I ever get new IEM's it is going to be CIEM's.
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Dunno.. Bump, need another opinion.

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