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Looking for short RCA Interconnects (6in)

  1. Bowedtoothdoc
    Can anyone point me in the right direction? Looking for good quality, but cheap!
  2. FraGGleR

    Originally Posted by Bowedtoothdoc /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Can anyone point me in the right direction? Looking for good quality, but cheap!

    These might be too short for you, but Audioquest makes RCA jumpers: Amazon.com: AudioQuest RCA Male-to-Male Preamp Jumpers (2pk): Electronics

    Most other commercial stuff I have seen comes in 0.5 meter as the shortest length.

    PS I sent you a private message as well.
  3. xxbaker
  4. Bowedtoothdoc
  5. hjf
  6. downsize
    Oh man .... MAKE YOUR OWN !!! Much better than anything you can buy. Cheap too !
  7. jzono1
    Simplephysics can make short cables on request, and even with the premium materials it's cheap.
  8. stang
    Well downsize, we don't all have the skills to do that, nor all of the materials required..time for that matter too.
  9. JEspina456
    I found these 1 foot RCA cables that look to be of good quality for $1.99 each!!  Can't beat that price.  I'd like 6" cables, but only Schiit and Straight Wire sell them (as far as I know) and they're over $20 with shipping.  
    Yes, I know that the last reply to this thread was 5 years ago.  lol
  10. yeahx
    Funny thing is I wanted to ask about this about 3 days ago and was thinking of just chopping my existing one and putting on radioshack connectors but they cost more than a new cable. :)
  11. JEspina456

    I need about four or five 6" RCA cables. I don't want to spend $150 so I'm going to settle for the 1 footers. I'm getting a little OCD about cables anyway. Lol. Good luck in your search!
  12. yeahx

    Thanks! Also considering just soldering one end directly into one of the components. But for now I'm just using the cheap 3 footer I have and stopped worrying too much about it. Also found other cheap ones but with shipping they are not as cheap. I dont expect any improvement, just think its silly to have 3 foot cable between to things that are only 6 inches apart. :)
  13. cel4145

    Ghent Audio has some that are 7" for a bit less that Schiit: http://www.ghentaudio.com/part/a02.html. Choseal is supposed to be decent cable, so someone knows that they are getting.
  14. yeahx

    This is only a little more than the cheap ones plus shipping but looks a lot better so I think this might be a winner for when I choose to do this. Thanks!
  15. JEspina456

    I like the looks of these!  Thank you so much.  At first I thought it said "Ghetto Audio!"

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