Looking for replacement tips
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Jul 7, 2012
Hey guys, i have been using the stock double flange tips with my 750s: http://www.amazon.com/RHA-Double-Flange-Silicone-Stainless/dp/B00KLCW42O/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1432611843&sr=1-1&keywords=rha+tips
The small's worked really good but unfortuantly they would fall off easy and i have lost them so now im looking for a replacement. I don't feel like spending over 10 dollars on tips either.
My ears are really small and the only other included tips that worked were the normal small silicone ones but even those would be a pain sometimes. I can't even get the foam ones to stay in my ears they are so big. So im looking for suggestions on small preferably double flange tips that would work good on my IEMS.

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