looking for quality / budget in-ear earphones w/ mic for long phone calls, gym music use
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Jul 30, 2015
I use my earphones constantly for long meeting calls all day, and then use them for music on the go and at the gym in the evenings.
I really loved the Meelectronics M9P (I had the M9P-SL version) headphones.  I purchased half a dozen a few years ago for ~ $13-14 each, and now I'm on my last pair.  These work great for phone calls and music.
The M9P (original version) is discontinued, and the 2nd gen is more costly at $20+ each.
I prefer something similar for $15 or less.  They have to be wired (I hate charging bluetooth and having the battery die mid-conversation), and in-ear so easy to carry & toss around.  The in-ear isolation of the M9P's were awesome.  It doesn't have to be perfect seal, but pretty darn good. And the mic has to be decent as I will be using it to talk a lot.  
The M9P's met my needs perfectly.
What other headsets are as good, or better, for $15 or less?  I wish I had bought 50 sets of the M9P's...
Thanks for your recommendations!

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