Looking for In ear headphones and portable headphone amp for SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE advise pls No replies
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May 12, 2012
Hello Mates,
Thank's for your time,need u advise and suggestion for me.Planning to purchase in ear headphones to use with my Galalxy note which can deliver high bass.Budget around 250 pounds.
And a portable headphone amp so that i can carry with the phone.Which can support FLAC files too.
Quite confused about the compatability,as i read few articles saying some headphones or compatible only with Iphone.And my own experience with sennheiser cx-300 II which sounds great with Dell inspiron 6400 and Nokia N-900 and really really less volume and awfull with Asus g74sx(Although the bundled headphone STEELSERIES sounds awesome) and samsung Galaxy note.Even the bundled samsung headphone sounds quite good and loud.
Already tried the apps like powerAmp and voodoo it helps good too.But  i like to have good quality IE phones.Any idea why certain phones only sounds great with samsung note?


Thought of buying this but came across a article claming this model with copper version is only compatable for I phones.
Any advise much appreciated
Thought about sennheiser IE8 too,but worried about compatability, trying to find a store to try.
Any suggestion pls.

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Jan 15, 2012
And a portable headphone amp so that i can carry with the phone.Which can support FLAC files too.

Amps don't have file compatibility, they just play whatever signal gets put through them. With regards to reviews saying certain headphones are compatible with iPhones only, it will be referring to the controls on the cable. Virtually any set of headphones with a 3.5mm plug will work with any device with the appropriate jack.

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