Looking for IEMs in 40$ - 60$ price range which sound like SoundMagic E30
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New Head-Fier
Jun 30, 2015
This is my first port here. I have owned a pair of SoundMagic E30s for about two years now and I have fallen in love with this sound signature, it's accurate, crisp and detailed with good sound stage in my opinion. I am looking for a new pair of IEMs as these are weathering out and won't last much longer
My preference:
Accurate, warm and natural sound. Crisp and clear, good details in all frequency ranges and good stereo separation, nice sound stage.
Genres I listen to: Orchestral and Symphonic rock, metal, alternative, little bit of pop rock, and sometimes electronic music but not much.
I'm no bass head and prefer accurate bass with a slight punch
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I have not heard the E30s. But perhaps this ranking list would help: http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone-list/. Each make/model name links to a review. And the E30s are listed. So you could get a feel for how that reviewer evaluates the E30s sonic signature, and then use it to find other IEMs that might suit you.

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