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Looking for help. Nice set up for iPod Touch 5th Genertation

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by trollbox360, Jan 29, 2014.
  1. Trollbox360
    Okay so I was looking into CRYSTAL CLEAR audio and I know for sure I am getting the ATH m50s but I heard the iPods amp is really bad and if it is really bad and sounds fine to me fixing it or doing something about it would make it better right? Well I was looking into a 30 pin to 8 pin lightning cable and buying the Fiio L1 I can't really find good 30 pin to 8 pins but I heard that by using the 30 pin output the audio sounds better cause it is driven from a better port or something. So Is there a setup where I can plug my ATH m50s into fiio e6 and plug the fiio l1 into the 30 pin to 8 pin????? I heard using a good external amp with a bad one can make sounds etc... So Please find something I can use.
  2. Mad Max
    You don't need a 30-pin to 8-pin adapter on older iDevices, the 8-pin port is the Lightning port which they don't have to begin with.
    A regular 30-pin to 3.5mm line-out dock will do and then pair it with an amplifier of your choice.  If your budget allows for anything better than FiiOs, I definitely recommend it.  I wouldn't know what to recommend at any price point, I quit screwing around with portable amps after picking up the Stepdance, which is a terrific fantastic amplifier.
    ATH-M50 isn't a bad choice for a portable headphone with great clarity, but I'm pretty sure it's not your best option at its price range, I think?  [​IMG]
    Well, that will depend on which country you live in.
  3. Trollbox360
    Live in u.s and getting for $70

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