Looking for help choosing a pair of headphones and soundcard / amp! (Newbie)
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Jun 19, 2015
Hey!, first post here so excuse me if I end up making any mistakes or anything along those lines.
So, first of all I've had some 2014 Astro A40s for about 2 years, and they've gone and died, I've wanted to get a decent pair of headphones for a while so now I have an excuse.
I want to get something that sounds good, I primarily listen to EDM type music, with a bit of everything else, I also play CS:GO, a video game in which sound is quite important, so there's that to bare in mind. I also spend some time in FLStudio, and would like something which will be good for that.
I don't have a whole lot of money, but I have been looking at these.

Beyerdynamic DT990s, the 250ohm version, OR the Senheiser p363d.

Pretty sure i heard that the pc363d were basically a HD 958 with a mic?.
But my question is comparing these two, i realist that to power the DT990 i'd need something for that, would a sound card do that?, something fairly cheap like a Xonar DGX, or will I need to fork out near £100 for a amp of some sort?.
And as for the PC363d / PC360. what are the general thoughts about this?, and how would it compare plugged into a Xonar DGX or similarly cheap card, compared to the DT990?.
I'd like to stay as far away from £200 as i can if possible
EDIT: I'd also like to say that I have a Mixamp pro from the Astros, does this act as an amp / soundcard, doed the card it's plugged into make a big difference?
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Dec 16, 2011
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I think you might be right about the p363d that is it based on the Sennheiser open headphone models. In that case, the Xonar DGX would do fine with them. For the DT990, you might want to step up to the Soundblaster Z card.

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