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Feb 16, 2011
Hello Head-Fi,

First I'd like to say that I have used this site for years on making decisions for headphones and it has definitely been worth it. However, after a few headphones and new circumstances I need help in suggestions for a new pair.

History: So my current line up contains the AKG K545, Japan Import A900X, Dt770 premium 32 ohm, and my hd 280 pro.

Needs: Due to weekly commutes I am looking for a pair of headphones that provide excellent isolation, no amp requirement, very detailed highs with some boomy lows (not overpowering like beats, skullcandy, etc). I would prefer a detachable short cable for the airplane trip but really it just doesn't need to be crazy long.

I do use an audioengine d1 for my laptop so if it benefits from an amp great but it still needs to run without one.

I do not like iems because i had an ear plug that got stuck in my ear and had to go to the hospital to extract it.

So far I'm looking at the sennhesier momentum, AKG 550, Denon ah-d2000, and the hifiman he-300.

Budget: 200 comfortable, 250 upper limit.

Thanks in advance everyone!

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