looking for great aufiphile quality aand travel headphones
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Sep 5, 2013
HI there.  I play my Hi res music out of an X5.  I have Bower and Wilkins P7 headphones which are pretty good for traveling about, But I am looking for a better sound and even something with better noise cancelling for travel by air. 
At home I run the X5 directly through my REGA to my BW CM1 speakers so it is a decent sound, and I am looking to get a headphone that at least reaches beyond the )& toward that kind of rich sound. 
I prefer not to  use an amp, but with an amp or without, do any of you have suggestions for me?
 I would be grateful
I guess in short I Am looking for a closed headphone suitable for air travel that still holds its dynamic and rich sound range
I actually tried Parroits ZIK 3's in the US recently and they were not bad..
thanks for your help...

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