Looking for Durable IEMs
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Jan 31, 2012
I'm looking for some durable quality IEMs. I want my IEMs to last at least more than a year with normal use. I've destroyed a few UE and Sennheiser models in the past few years. Then I got the Vsonic GR06 two and a half years ago. I loved them, and they were durable enough for me, until I lost them a few weeks ago. They were starting to get worn out a bit, so I was getting ready to get a replacement/upgrade. I really liked their sound. 
I thought about getting the Vsonic VSD3S before, it sounded nice when I tried them, but couple of friends of mine got it and it didn't last more than a month for both of them. One of them also managed to break his GR07 BE, needless to say he is not the best caretaker of headphones around. So even though I liked it I don't think VSD3S is durable enough.
I can get a GR07 (non-BE probably), it was similar to GR06, but had a more clean sound. I don't have any alternatives in mind right now.
I mostly listen to rock, along with some jazz, metal, and a little bit of pop. I am looking for decent soundstage, and a mostly balanced sound, decent noise cancelling would be nice. But as I said durability is my priority. Willing to spend around ~$100 or less. Located in Canada if that helps.
Please recommend me some IEMs you think I would enjoy, Thanks in advance.
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I have used these for 2 years and when the cable broke recently I just replaced it and they felt like new again.
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Shure's a rugged brand - consider the SE112 as well if you want to save a bit of money. The isolation is very good.

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