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Looking for Desktop Solution DAC/Amp

  1. PhalanxInferna

    I am very much new to this hobby and I am looking for a desktop solution dac amp combo to power my Sennheiser 6XX and Hifiman 4XX. I will also need to line out to Adams T5Vs.

    Thus far I have considered the Schiit Jotunheim with multibit Dac
    The Topping Dx7s

    On other forums any time I mention the Jot I am immediately referenced the measurements from audio science review and told that all Schiit products are garbage, but it appears there are many here pleased with their Schiit products.

    Are there any other units to consider in this similar $300-600 price range?

  2. ricksome Contributor
    All Schiit products are garbage,

    Everyone has their bias. I have had several Schiit products and have been pleased with all of them.
  3. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    AudioGD NFB-11
    JDSLabs ODAC2 with Meier Jazz FF

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