Looking for closed headphones with low impedance and recessed highs - Brainwavz HM5?
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Apr 29, 2015
Hi! English is my second language. I'm a singer, and I'm looking for some studio headphones with low impedance (32 / 50 ohms) so I can plug them in any usb audio interface without an amp.
I recently bought a pair or Beyerdynamic DT770, the comfort was really nice, the mids were recessed (that wasn't so good when tracking vocals), but the real problem was the highs were literally unbearable for me, I couldn't use them for more than 10 minutes without getting a lot of fatigue and discomfort from the horrible, sharp and loud highs punching my ears. I guess that's personal because some other people love them, but I've also read comments about this problem... I guess I'm really sensitive to highs.
On the other hand, I have a sennheiser PX100 for portable use, and I really like and enjoy their dark signature (maybe I could use just a tiiiiiiiny little more highs if they're really smooth and maybe veiled). Currently that's what I'm using for tracking vocals, but I need something closed, preferably with big pads.
I tried the HD380 looking for that sennheiser signature, but the sound was really... not there... They sounded thin and cheap
Currently the first contender is the Brainwavz HM5. But I'm not sure about their highs, they're not available in my country so I'll have to buy through international shipping. What do you think? some reviews say they're really flat and balanced, some others say they can get a little bright, some others say they are midcentric and the highs are a little recessed (which would be excelent), I don't know what to think...
Any recommendations about the HM5s or other alternatives will be appreciated! Thanks

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