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Looking for cheap non-fatiguing (smooth highs & non-piercing mids) custom in-ear. Avara, AAW, CTM, Westone...?

  1. Pingfloid
    The cheapest one I have found is the Avara AV1S. I am willing to pay more, as far as it is compensated with non-fatiguing sound. (as a reference, my headphones are Audeze LCD-2, but I cannot spend that much on the CIEM's)

    The next ones on the catalogue, from low to high price (here in Thailand), are:

    Avara AV1L
    AAW A1D
    AAW A2H
    Avara AV2
    Avara AV3
    AAW A3H
    CTM CT100
    Westone CR-10

    Any recommendation?

    Thank you

    Here are the main shops with on-line catalogue, here in Bangkok:
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019

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